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Novvo - Connecting investors with startups has never been so simple

A startup’s challenge to secure funding, and an investor’s challenge to decide who to invest in, are two sides of the same coin (pun totally intended). It all comes down to processing financial data: with the existing traditional methods, staratups crunch numers for investors to convince them of their potential, and investors wrack their brains analysing these numbers, hoping to reach the right decision. Novvo has the technology to collect, standardize, validate and analyze companies’ raw data, replacing a tedious, time consuming and risky process, with a fast, efficient and confident one. Novvo approached us to design their visual language and new website to attract a wider audience of venture capitalists and founders.
Visual Language
UX & UI Design

Our two main challenges were to tell the story of the process - how the platform works, and to tell it from the perspective of two “opposing” demographics: investors and startups. Our partners at Novvo wanted the flexibility to shift the focus from one demographic to the other in the future, as their technology depended on continuously getting clients from both demographics. Novvo wished to keep their existing logo and for their look to achieve the twofold goal of positioning them within the FinTech landscape, while standing out in it.


We gave the logo center stage to help solidify the young brand, and because its icon - an arrow meeting a square - does a great job of telling the story of "targeting the perfect match". We utilized the icon’s basic square components in a custom animation that illustrates each step of the investment process. When scrolling through the steps, a formation of squares seamlessly changes its arrangement according to the text that is being displayed. When reaching the final step, the square formation converges to recreate the icon. The same principle of deconstructing the icon in animation can be applied to describe the process from the startup’s perspective.

We created a sophisticated and edgy color palette of deep teal and neon green to complement the logo colors, steering clear of FinTech color cliches such as blue. We incorporated images of people that align with the brand target audience in the foreground, and technology images in the background to inspire trust: technology is only a tool to help people make smarter decisions and succeed.

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