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B·EV Motors - Greener, smarter transportation

Israel has set a goal to reach 100% electric vehicles on its roads by 2030. B·EV motors, Isreal’s first automobile importer that is focused exclusively on electric vehicles, shares the same vision and is here to lead the way. We partnered with them to design their landing page.
Visual Design
UX & UI Design

The company’s innovation doesn’t stop at expanding the electeric vehicles market. They also pioneer a change in the way we buy cars and receive service. A digital platform will support online purchasing and paymnet, 24 hour live service, mechanical support and more. Our goal was to represent both these facets of the company.


We achieved the futuristic, clean, tech-forward and premium look by lighting up the design with electric neon colors against a black backdrop. The website includes an interactive element that shows users how far they can drive before charging the car. We created vector graphics to accentuate the 3 pillars of B-EV’s innovation: the electric car, the digital platform and the advanced charging solutions.

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