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Neema - Better than a bank

This project was done in collaboration with Firma. An award-winning Fintech startup, Neema has established its status as a financial mobile app that helps individuals send money worldwide and manage their finances without being tied to a traditional bank account. With a new focus on the business sector, Neema needed a global B2B website.
Visual Design
UX & UI Design

Businesses need to move money across borders. They need their transactions to be fast, compliant, secure, and cost-effective. Added to that is a need for multiple payment methods and destinations. But do businesses get their banking needs met by a traditional bank? Neema is not a bank - and our main goal was to send enterprises the message that Neema’s advanced technology can be trusted and used better than any bank.


We created a sleek and credible website design, understanding that Neema’s audience is looking for both a modern alternative to a bank and a safe place for their money. A no-fuss and clear user experience tells users they can expect the same clarity using Neema’s digital platform. We created a custom set of icons stemming from the logo. The stark and sharp lines transfer Neema’s core values in visual language: freedom with no borders, forward movement, speed, and security.

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