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Vest - Invest smarter, partner

Vest came onto the scene of real estate investment with a clear goal: to make investing accessible, effortless, and winnable for all. We were excited to create a brand identity and website that aim to attract clients who seek a modern, friendly, and trustworthy partner in their real estate investment journey.
UX & UI Design

Investing in real estate can be daunting for first-time and experienced investors alike. Vest offers end-to-end guidance and unparalleled smart tools to help anyone make the leap towards a lucrative investment.


The logo features a dynamic arrangement of geometric shapes, reminiscent of Tetris blocks, subtly forming the silhouette of buildings. This design choice symbolizes both the solidity and structure of real estate investments, as well as the interactive and engaging nature of the investment game. The inclusion of a heart shape within the logo represents the company's emphasis on fostering a sense of trust, care, and emotional connection with their clients.

We used a vibrant and modern color palette to capture Vest’s innovative and dynamic approach within the real estate investment industry. The 4 basic colors (CMYK) that comprise the palette reflect Vest's aspiration to make things simple for their clients.

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