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I-KNOW - Making insurance understandable

Israelis lose hard-earned money on mismanaged insurance policies, savings and pension plans. Purchasing duplicate insurance policies for the same case, paying exorbitant management fees and unknown commissions, not being appropriately insured, are only some of the problems policyholders suffer from. I-KNOW is an online service that helps people access their financial information, get informed and receive the right coverage for the right price. We helped I-KNOW design the wizard app through which users register for the service and submit the relevant information.
UX & UI Design

Our challenge was to keep users actively engaged to complete the wizard’s steps, while dealing with what they often feel is a confusing and aggravating subject. It was paramount to create an inviting and friendly user experience. Information had to be presented simply and clearly to counter the lengthy terms and conditions, lack of transparency and technical jargon of the insurance companies.


I-KNOW’s brand includes Daniel - a lovely yellow 3D helper that explains things in marketing materials and landing page. Daniel is the hero of the wizard, leading users hand in hand through the process. To expand the visual language we created a set of static and animated graphic assets (cars, light bulbs, rockets), that look like a part of Daniel’s world. While staying true to the brand’s bright colors and vector circles, we took care not to clutter the design and keep a perfect balance between seriousness and lightness.

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