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Get.Up - Empower your health, one habit at a time

The creators of Get.Up mobile app understand that no health condition exists in a silo, and that better health requires behavior change. The app automatically collects millions of data points from the user’s smartphone and other connected devices to continuously learn and adapt to their behavior. The result is hyper-personalized recommendations at the perfect time and place to trigger the desired healthy action.
Visual Design
UX & UI Design

We were tasked with the design of a one-pager aimed directly at individuals to encourage them to download the app and start achieving their health goals. Our goal was to create a medical and the same time approachable and optimistic atmosphere.


We used rounded and organic shapes throughout the design: as background elements, section transitions and image frames. These shapes lend a friendly and natural contrast to the product mockups that are centered around technology. Adding to the visual language is the use of a plus sign to represent self improvement and health upgrade. We expanded the color palette with white, soft gray and bright blue - colors which complement the purple logo, and reflect the theme of health, fresh start and positivity.

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