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HT VET & HT Vista - Simply rule out cancer

Save dogs’ lives from cancer - can you think of a more wholesome mission? We’re not crying, you’re crying. Almost 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer. The Israeli startup HT VET developed the first non-invasive screening device that allows vets to rule out cancer on the spot. As the company scaled, both the company (HTVET) and product (HT Vista) brands needed a design refresh and consistent visual language. We then worked closely with HT VET to implement the brand identity in a new website, landing pages, and an array of digital and print materials for marketing and display.
UX & UI Design
Print Media
Digital Media

Our main challenge was to create logos that fitted the med-tech industry, while at the same time communicating optimism and friendliness. Another goal was to represent the technology itself: the device screens masses on and beneath the dog’s skin and it does so using heat waves.


We solved the challenge with symmetrical curved lines. The shape is organic and geometric at the same time and evokes heat waves as well as the bump on the skin’s surface. The visual language features various subtle mesh textures that add dimension and convey the theme of live tissue. Masses are represented by vector circles in warm orange. While keeping the original brand colors as per our client’s request, we updated the hues. Sage green was chosen for the company, to accommodate a more general med-tech look as the company plans to utilize their technology on humans in the future. The orange that belongs to the product’s brand was made more prominent to stand out to pet owners.

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