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Hexa - Bringing online products to life

This project was done in collaboration with Firma. Online shopping is a fact. Yet how many of us purchased items online based on an image, only to get something quite different from what we expected? Hexa came up with a technology that can turn as little as one image into a full 3D product visualization. A win-win solution for retailers and consumers. We were excited to take part in Hexa’s journey as one of the world's fastest-growing visualization platforms. Following a company rebranding we were brought on board to design the website.
Visual Design
UX & UI Design

Hexa invites online retailers to play with their materials and create visually rich 3D content. Our task was to bring the same playfulness and attractiveness to a B2B website that will inspire retail giants such as Amazon.


3D is about being able to touch with your eyes. Our idea was to introduce texture as a star player - we turned the 2D circles from the logo into spheres in an array of textures and colors - metallic, rubbery, liquid, and more. As the user scrolls through the website the textured spheres move and transform, adding to the experience of creating the visual on your own. We added interactivity with “Hexa it” CTAs: clicking on them reveals animated consumer goods in 3D, from jewelry to furniture, showcasing what Hexa can do with a simple image, URL, or product scan. Interactive micro animations throughout the website, create an immersive experience that is the essence of the brand value.

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