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Algoretail - No overstocking and never out-of-stock

Customers don’t want to encounter empty shelves, retailers want to improve their store’s bottom line. Bringing AI to the world of retail, Algoretail’s SaaS platform automates and optimizes in-store inventory management. The platform helps retailers make data-based decisions regarding stocking schedules and the distribution of products from stockroom to shelfs. We came on board to design the platform’s mobile app and then redesign the company website to reflect the new product.
Visual Design
UX & UI Design
Mobile App
Mobile app

Our challenge was to deliver a design that will be consistent throughout the app, while accommodating the needs of various store personnel who will use it to perform their daily tasks. Stockers wearing thick gloves in a refrigerated storage area need their big buttons. Shelf stockers need their shelf plans and inventory lists to tell them which product goes where as quickly and accurately as possible. Store managers need their big-picture information to be accessible and straightforward in real time.

We opted for a pristine look to support the display of product images and shelf plans that are already usually very colorful. The app tracks each product’s journey in the sales chain: we used contrasting traffic light colors as consistent and recognizable status indicators across all flows. To accentuate milestones and success/error notifications in each process, we added communicative illustrations.


The main goal was to reflect Algoretail’s brand values in the website: turning the mess into order, and creating efficiency and precision. We created an airy and technological overall look and incorporated visuals that speak to organization and retail: 3D white models of various goods and perfectly stacked shelves, and scattered geometric shapes that seem to gravitate towards order.

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