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EMBO - A new dimension in digital print

If you’re a designer of interiors, displays, advertising materials or packaging you will want to know of this. EMBO’s very cool digital printer can print and emboss continuously at the same time using special structural ink that expands when heated during production. This adds unique 3D structure to your design, according your creative vision.
Visual Design
UX & UI Design

When EMBO, the ultimate wizards of digital printing and embossing, approached us for their website design, we knew we had an exciting challenge ahead. Our mission? To create a digital masterpiece that would leave designers in awe. EMBO's target audience is a bunch of design-savvy folks (like us!!) who are always on top of the latest trends. So, naturally, the website had to be a sleek and modern creation that would impress their discerning eyes. But that's not all -  we had to showcase the mind-blowing capabilities of EMBO's technology, demonstrating just how versatile, varied, and impressive their printing and embossing wizardry can be.


We crafted a visual extravaganza, filling the website with a stunning array of colorful images and video footage that displayed the wide range of embossing patterns and finishes, from shimmering gold to pearlescent, rough to glossy. These vibrant visuals not only showcase the capabilities of the printer but also serve as a wellspring of inspiration for designers seeking fresh ideas. We opted for a bright yet natural background color, reminiscent of raw canvas, providing a neutral canvas for the vibrant creations to shine. We also incorporated a language of hand-drawn, animated icons that exude a youthful and modern vibe, with their black outlines and bold colors. These charming icons add a touch of coolness to the website, allowing EMBO to steer clear of being perceived as a traditional print shop.

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