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buywith - Bringing shopping back to live

buywith is an Israeli startup pioneering a new way to shop online. Their platform allows retailers and social media influencers to team up for live video sessions right inside the online store. With heavyweight partners like Walmart, MAC, and Steve Madden already on board, buywith is on a mission for global success. We partnered with their marketing, product, and social media specialists to expand the brand identity, and create a robust, multi-page website that will reflect and support the company’s constant growth.
UX UI Design
Brand Identity
Video Creation
Digital and Print Media

buywith needed their website to signal to brands and influencers targeting a Gen Z audience and online shoppers deeply engaged in social media.The design was to amplify their existing brand identity and convey their main message: “bringing shopping back to live”.


For the website design, we integrated a flickering red dot, akin to a video recording indicator, which narrates the live video session story. This dot, animated throughout the site, follows users as they scroll, adding a touch of engagement. Introducing a rounded rectangle as a dual symbol of a button and a finger, the design emphasizes the crucial "I want" button for real-time purchases during sessions. We revamped the color palette with a charcoal black background, accentuated by halos that mimic the glow of screens, to create a contemporary vibe. Custom videos showcasing the platform's functionality and screen mockups featuring live sessions further enrich the user experience, offering a visually captivating insight into the buywith world.

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